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威尼斯手机版娱乐场Warning!Please do not turn on water heater when it is not full.

 Please do not turn on the heating function of the water heater, before making sure the wate heater is full and and T/P valve has been installed properly.

www.4048.comWarning: The first time configuring of the water heater should be done by professional technician.

  Supply water:

1、Turn off the electric switch of the water heater.
2、Turn the hand wheel clockwisely to close the drain valve.
3、Turn on the nearby hot water output to allow air be expelled from the system.
4、Completely open cold water inlet to make sure water filling water heater and pipes.
5、When water starts to flow out from hot water outlet, turn off hot water outlet. Now, the heating function can be switched on and temperature can be adjusted.

  Switch on:

Before the first time water heater being switched on, technician should perform the follwong checks:
1、Cut off power supply.
2、Open control box and check if all the electric connections are tightened and whether repatching or tightening are needed.
3、Press the red reset button.
4、Turn on the electric switch.
5、Observe the running of electric components at the first heating session. Electric shock prevention should be applied because water heater is connected to electricity. To allow water heater reach pre-set temperature and automatically stop supplying heat then chech the operation of thermostate manually.
6、Close the control box.

  Temperature setting:

The default temperature setting of thermostate is 140°F (60℃). Thermostate is installed in the control box of the water heater. Before open control box, please make sure all the power supplies are disconnected. Users can install water-mixing valve at hot water outlet to limit temperature. The suggestion is to set water temperature at the lowest required temperature so that minimizing the foul deposited on heating elements.

Varied levels of scald may be casued when the temperature of hot water exceed 52oC. For even higher water temperature, it may cause severe burn or even casualty. Higher risks for children, elderly and handicapped of being scalded by hot water.

Setting temperature of water heater is controlled by thermostate. High water temperature may cause severe burn or even casualty. The critical temperature depends on age and contact period of the victim so please avoid allowing children and handicapped wander near hot water outlets or take shower on their own without supervision from able adults.
The following table lists the rough relation between water temperature and contacting time for common skins:

TemperatureAverage skin scalded time
170°F(77℃)About 0.5 seconds
About 1.5 seconds
140°F(60℃)Less than 5 seconds
130°F(54℃)About 30 seconds
120°F(49℃)More than 5 minutes


During maintainance, water in the water heater is sometimes needed to be evacuated from the drainage valve.
1、Cut of power supply
2、Close the cold wate input valve
3、Connect water output to the floor drainage with a soft pipe
4、Turn on the near hotwater tape and water drainage valve
5、If the water heater is left unused for a long period, it is suggested that the drainage valve is opened all time long while the soft pipe can be taken off. For using water heater again, please follow the “How to add water” instruction.

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